Frequently Asked Questions


 Animal Control

Minnesota Critter Getter
36415 State Highway 19
Henderson, MN   56044


Local Builders:

  • KA Witt
  • Gerold Bros.
  • Shaughnessy Construction
  • Paul Hanzel Homes
  • Greg Pavek Homes
  • Shimota Project Management

 Burning Permits

City of New Prague Ordinance #92.60 prohibits any open burning within the City limits.  No person shall dispose of refuse by open burning or permit any open burning. Refuse includes garbage, paper, leaves or other similar such substances.

Recreational Fires are permitted in the City of New Prague on private property.  A recreational fire is a fire set for cooking, warming, or ceremonial purposes, which is not more than three feet in diameter (as measured from the inside of the fire ring or border).  Recreational fires must be completely surrounded by non-combustable materials and must not be located closer than 25' to ANY structure.  An adult must tend the fire at all times. 

Any questions regarding recreational fires please call City Hall.


Effective January 1, 2012, burning permit prices will increase to $25.00 per permit. Permits will be effective from the date of issuance through December 31. Bonfire permits will be $15.00 per permit, with a one time use. Burning permits are REQUIRED  for all residents outside the city limits of New Prague. 

Le Sueur County
Contact Sheriff's Department, (507) 357-8545

Scott County

Burning permits will be issued by appointment only. The fire station offices are NOT manned on a full time basis. We are unable to issue permits on a "walk up" basis. Permits may be obtained by calling one of the following numbers:

Jeremy Tikalsky............952-292-2715

Brandon Busch.............952-215-4920

Ryan Kubes..................952-201-5397

Curt Novonty.................952-367-6058

Steve Rynda.................952-292-1577

 Garage Sale Signs

The City of New Prague has an ordinance pertaining to garage sale signs.  Garage sale signs are not permitted within any public right of way, easement or any publicly owned land.  If you place a garage sale sign in violation of this ordinance, the City or appropriate road authority (MnDOT for state highways and Scott or LeSueur County for county roads) may remove the sign if it poses a public safety issue.  On a typical city street the public the right of way is the area from the back of the curb into a yard about 12 feet which is often also referred to as the "boulevard".  This area is not private and thus signs are not permitted here.  On state highways and county roads this right of way may be larger and a good rule of thumb in these situations is to keep signs behind the sidewalk (if there is one).

 SmartLink Transit

Click here for more information on the SmartLink Transit service.

 Cable TV/Internet

Servicing the City of New Prague

Comcast Cable Communication, Inc
10 River Park Plaza
St. Paul, MN   55107
(612) 522-2000

Bevcomm, Inc.
115 Main Street West
New Prague, MN  56071
(952) 758-2501

Other options include dish/satellite providers - DIRECTV Dealer






 Car License Tabs, Transfers, etc.

Closest location:
State Bank of New Prague 
1101 1st St SW
New Prague, MN  56071
(952) 758-4491

 City-Wide Clean Up

Le Sueur County is typically the last weekend in April (Fri & Sat).
Scott County is typically the first weekend in May (Fri & Sat).
Everything should be put out on the curb on Thursday night to insure pickup.
Be sure to read the New Prague Times for what types of items may be left at the curb for collection and other details. 
If you have waste other times of the year please check out the Scott County Household Hazardous Waste Site Page by clicking here.Questions? 
Call Lakers at 758-2991 OR
City of New Prague at 758-4401                          

 Colleges/Universities/Secondary Education

Below is a list of schools that offer post secondary education.

Guide to Online Colleges in Minnesota:

Financial Aid for Online Colleges:

Study Skills for College Students:

 Compost Site

Not open when raining or too wet or in winter months.
No commercial services accepted.
Will accept branches, leaves, lawn, and garden trimmings.
Please remove all plastic bags.
In order to maintain a proper compost site, please do not leave other types of refuse.
DIRECTIONS:  Take Columbus Avenue North go past the High School.  Located to the right (or East) just before the pavement ends.
(*City Residents are only those who live in the corporate City Limits of New Prague and pay City Taxes). 

 Drivers License

Here are some of the closest locations to renew your drivers license:

1.   State Bank of New Prague (applications only)
      1101 1st Street SE
      New Prague, MN 56071
      (952) 758-4491

2.   License Bureau (applications only)
      14125 Commerce Avenue
      Prior Lake, MN  55372
      (952) 447-8817

3.   LeSueur County Courthouse  (applications & road test site)
      Le Sueur County Courthouse
      88 South Park Avenue
      Le Center, MN  56057
      (507) 357-2251

4.   Scott County Courthouse (applications only)
      200 Fourth Avenue West
      Shakopee, MN  55379
      (952) 496-8432

5.   Minnesota State Offices (applications & road test site)
      418 North Pine Street
      Chaska, MN  55318
      (952) 448-3740


A majority of the City is serviced by:
New Prague Utilities Commission (owned by the City of New Prague)
Located at:
City Hall
118 Central Avenue North
New Prague, MN  56071
(952) 758-4401
Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday - Friday) closed holidays

There are small portions of the City that are serviced by:
Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative
125 Minnesota Valley Electric Drive|
Jordan, MN  55352
(952) 492-2313  (800) 282-6832


Lakers New Prague Sanitary, Inc.
27252 Helena Blvd
New Prague, MN  56071
(952) 758-2991
Bag System or 90 Gallon Cart used for collection.  These fees pay for the landfill cost.
A base fee will be on your monthly New Prague Utility bill of $5.50 plus tax. This charge is to cover the cost of the truck/driver/recyclables.
For bigger items or any other information - please call Lakers.

 Habitat for Humanity Housing

Applications for Habitat for Humanity Housing

The Habitat for Humanity of South Central Minnesota is seeking potential families to complete an application for home ownership in New Prague.  It is the goal of HFH to assist families in obtaining a safe environment to raise their family, minimize overcrowding within the home and maintaining a house payment under 30% of the families income.

Applications may be picked up at the New Prague Library.  Completed applications are to be mailed to:

Habitat for Humanity of South Central Minnesota

512 Mulberry Street

P O Box 222

Mankato, MN  56002

Phone 507-388-1618



 Ice Skating Rink

The City's recreational ice skating rink, hockey rink and warming house is located at the Sliding Hill Skate Park (1501 Columbus Ave. N  - across from the high school). For more information check the website under "City Departments" then "Parks".

 Mortgage Counseling

Worried about losing your home to foreclosure?  Trained counselors are available to help New Prague residents explore your options.  Although they cannot guarantee you'll avoid foreclosure, they can inform you of your rights and the tools that are available.  Call 952-448-7715 ext 3, or go to before it's too late.

 Natural Gas

Servicing the City of New Prague:
CenterPoint Energy
800 LaSalle Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55459-0038
Customer Service (612) 372-4727
Gas Leak (612) 372-5050

 Parking Ordinances - In Winter

72.02 - DUE TO SNOW
Click this link to go to the Police Department Website which contains information about the overnight parking regulations in winter.

 Peddler / Transient Merchant License

The City of New Prague code requires that any solicitor, peddler or transient merchant engaging in any such business within the city obtain a license.  The city does not require a license for individuals or groups canvassing or soliciting for the purpose of charitable, religious, political or educational organization if such organization is registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State.

According to city ordinance, solicitor, peddlers or transient merchant are defined as any person who:

  • Solicitor: goes door-to-door, street-to-street or place-to-place to obtain orders for goods, wares, merchandise, or services to deliver at a later time.  (Example: magazine sales). No Fee.
  • Peddler: goes door-to-door, street-to-street or place-to-place to sell and immediately deliver goods, wares, merchandise, or services transported with that person (Example: ice cream truck).  Fee is required.
  • Transient Merchant: sets up a temporary and transient business in the city to sell goods, wares, or merchandise and occupies a building or lot to exhibit and sale wares (Example: fireworks tent).  Fee is required.

Solicitors and peddlers can conduct business between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Solicitors, peddlers or transient merchants must obtain a city issued license before selling in the community.  Application for city a license to conduct business for peddlers and or transient merchants could take up to 14 regular business days before a license is granted based on background check.  Once review is complete, the applicant will be notified if the application has been approved or denied.  The fee associated with the application will not be refunded if the application is denied.

Must register in person at city hall and have a valid ID.

 Post Office

124 Main Street East
New Prague, MN  56071
(952) 758-7678
Located on the South side of Main Street at 1st Avenue SE


Local Realtors:


Edina Realty

Kubes Realty

Keller Williams

Edel Town and Country

PinPoint Realty

 Senior Dining & Meals on Wheels

Available for adults age 60 and older & people with special needs.
Monday - Friday (no holidays)
Meals On Wheels delivered to your home. 
Senior Dining meal served at 11:30 a.m.
at: City Hall
     118 Central Avenue North
     New Prague, MN  56071
     (952) 758-2652
A two-day advance meal reservation is required.  Either stop in or call between 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Cost:  suggested donation of $3.00

 Street Light Out?

If you see a street light out, please let the New Prague Utilities know about it by calling 952 758-4401.


Servicing the City of New Prague:
Bevcomm, Inc.115 Main Street West
New Prague, MN  56071
(952) 758-2501

 Transportation / Transit Services

SmartLink Transit is a dial-a-ride transit service providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation to residents of Scott and Carver Counties.  Buses run from 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Fees are based on the distance you will be traveling.  Take advantage of reduces fares from New Prague to the Burnsville Center the third Thursday of every month, and local shopping every Wednesday!  The link can be found below.


TRUE Transit provides rides to people of all ages between the cities of Mankato, North Mankato, St. Peter and Le Sueur – each of which is served by a city transit system – and throughout the rural areas of Blue Earth, Le Sueur, and Nicollet Counties. At the request of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and Blue Earth, Le Sueur, and Nicollet Counties, VINE Faith in Action in 2016 created a public transit system to serve people of all ages living in these unserved rural areas. The system, named TRUE Transit for “Town, Rural, Urban Express,” was launched in January 2017 using volunteer drivers and one small bus. Additional buses were added late in 2017 as the system began full operations.

Passenger fares on scheduled routes (slight deviation allowed) are just $3.00.

Rides that don’t follow the scheduled routes are charged at the following rate. These fares, which represent the cost of a one-way ride, are highly subsidized by MnDOT and county governments:

0 – 10 miles    =    $6.00
11 – 20 miles   =    $7.00
21 – 30 miles   =   $8.00
31 – 40 miles   =   $9.00
41+ miles          =   $10.00

If you would like to schedule a ride, or for more information, please call (507) 388-8783 or 800-560-1575.


Servicing the City of New Prague:
New Prague Utilities Commission (owned by the City of New Prague)
Located at:
City Hall
118 Central Avenue North
New Prague, MN  56071
(952) 758-4401
Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday - Friday) closed holidays

  Who Represents Me?

Use this link to find who represents you in the State House of Representatives and State Senate.